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Misfile Comic Name: Misfile
Comic URL:
Update Schedule: Monday Wednesday Friday
Rating: High PG-13 rating. Has occasionally nudity and swearing in it. Is a bit hit or miss if it is safe for work or not.
Review: Well developed storyline with alot of details. Has a manga-style art to it that I really enjoy. Artist is very solid with the update schedule, one of those comics you can count on. Even put filler with a picture of his new bundle of joy up when his wife had a baby! Highly recommend if you are into manga at all.
Girl Genius Comic Name: Girl Genius
Comic URL:
Update Schedule: Monday Wednesday Friday
Rating: High PG-13 rating. Has occasionally partial nudity in it. Typically it is work safe but every once in a while you get a page that a highly uptight co-worker may find offensive.
Review: There are people in the webcomic world that are just scary. The folks over at Studio Foglio fall into that category. They put out professional grade comics on a schedule that is as solid as the calendar on your wall. Girl Genius is a Steampunk style comic with a high degree of silly that has me waiting impatienly for new pages each week. The first chapter or so is black and white but do not let that turn you off, it goes color and goes color in a big way in the later chapters. Read this comic. No really, go read it.
Sorcery 101 Comic Name: Sorcery 101
Comic URL:
Update Schedule: Monday Wednesday Friday
Rating: High PG-13 rating. The occasional partial nudity and swearing make this one yet another PG-13 and NSFW occasionally. Usually it is just fine though. If you are easily offended avoid it...but then if you are easily offended why are you even reading Geek Corner to begin with?
Review: Sorcery 101 is another comic with a pretty reliable update schedule. I really enjoy the balance the artist has managed to find between plot and humor. She doesn't overdose you with either. An excellent comic that you should definately go take a gander at.
Earthsong Comic Name: Earthsong
Comic URL:
Update Schedule: Typically once per week, occasionally twice.
Rating: Pretty much a PG comic, if you count violence it MAY go up to PG-13. Fortunately, we here at Geek Corner do not count violence so it is PG. This one is pretty much universally safe for work.
Review: This comic is absolutely gorgeous art style. The artist actually has gone back and reworked old pages (and the story line a bit). Strong story and characters, as well as solid world development make this a very addictive comic. Artist has a young munchkin that they stay home with so the update schedule is not as reliable as some other comics, but still pretty solid. If you are looking for some freaking shiny art with a very strong story behind it, go look at Earthsong.
Zap! Comic Name: Zap!
Comic URL:
Update Schedule: Once per week (typically Monday), sometimes they give us an extra shiny though.
Rating: Pretty much a PG comic, might occasionally stray into the low PG-13 category. I would put this one under the safe for work category.
Review: You know those guys that keep teasing you with little hints, little details, and then suddenly you were all wrong or the hints weren't real? Yeah, these guys do that. They give you enough, just enough, to keep you hooked but you still have so many questions you just want to shake the rotten little sons of...Yeah, this one gets checked several times a week. Don't judge me.
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