Welcome to my Brand-New Website
A Work in Progress

Hi, my name is Lisa Stone and I appreciate your stopping by to see the beginnings of my latest project – a new website featuring a portfolio and resume.

As some of you may already know, I got engaged this summer and I am moving to Perryville, MD in the very near future.’s time to find something new and exciting career-wise too!

For potential employers viewing this site, please take time to review my resume and check out a couple of the interactive flash pages I’ve added to my site. Please note that all of my work for my current employer is performed under government consulting restraints and I am unable to post links to the work.

Instead, I have pulled out a couple of sample pages from work I developed to help my mom study for nursing school and her NCLEX. As the title indicates, this is a quick and preliminary portfolio which I will continue to tweak over the next couple of weeks. Please contact me to discuss any questions you have or to schedule an interview.